We've be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the very first pizza parlor, museum, & arcade here in Philadelphia. If you haven't heard, Pizza Brain is an up-coming Fishtown food establishment that specializes in everything pizza. The genius idea and concept was dreamt up by Brian "Brain" Dwyer who is the proud owner of an extensive collection of, well… pizza memorabilia. From toys to books, and all sorts of odds and ends, Dwyer's collection is something to be envied over by pizza lovers everywhere.

This Sunday, Brian reveals his collection to the world as he hosts a public showing in honor of his attempt to create a Guinness World Record for… you guessed it: "Largest Collection of Pizza Related Items". He's invited the official evaluators from GBOWR to determine whether or not his pizza stash is record breaking worthy. Oh yes, and he's also inviting you!

Aside from tomatoes and cheese, Little Baby's Ice Cream tricyle will be parked in front of the gallery as well. They'll be serving up their odd-ball flavors of Earl-Grey Sriracha, Balsamic Banana, Birch Beer Vanilla Bean, & more.

We wish Brian the best of luck & we'll see you all there!

Sunday, July 31st
Craft Hustle Art Gallery (formerly Germ Books)
2005 Frankford Ave.
1 pm – 4 pm