If you've been paying attention to the internet, you've been getting an awesome peek at HAHA Magazine's Dutch Umbrella Project.

"We asked Philly's Dutch Umbrella Share Program if they would turn over some of their classic white umbrellas, and they agreed. We put them in the hands of six local artists and told them to think of the umbrellas as blank canvas. The results of which have been chronicled through The Dutch Umbrella Episodes." - HAHA Mag

Now that the umbrellas are finally finished, they will be going up for auction at a special event being held at Paradigm Gallery. Participating artists, Yis Goodwin, Kat Karnaky, Brandon Dean, Steve Clef, Jessie Hemmons, and El Toro, will be auctioning off their works of art which will go towards supporting the artists themselves and various local arts charities.

Friday, November 12th
Paradigm Gallery
2020 South St.
7 pm - 10 pm