A recent video posted to YouTube showed a young boy falling down drunk at a New Zealand skate park. Bradley Goudie filmed the footage and uploaded it, calling for better regulation as New Zealand's skate parks harbor such behavior by underage kids without supervision.

In the video, the boy claims to have consumed 18 beers as he drunkenly stumbles around on a scooter and slumps against a wall. Authorities ascertained that the boy had actually consumed eight Cody's, a premixed bourbon and soda drink.

"F--- you. I've gotten drunk before," the kid, clearly three sheets to the wind, yelled at Goudie.

The sloshed kid also said he has smoked marijuana.

The boy's father was estranged from his mother and was "shocked" by the boy's behavior, according to Fairfax NZ News. The boy got so sick that he needed to be hospitalized.

The boy's mother reportedly believed he was across the street from his home, playing. She said that she had no idea that he was intoxicated or where he might have gotten the alcohol from.

"She wasn't aware he was elsewhere, being put at risk by persons providing him alcohol," Nicholls told NZ News 3.

Instead, the boy was at a Fairfield skate park with a slew of other youths, some of which defended the boy's disturbing drunken escapades. [NYDN]

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