As the Internet continues its assault on Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter J. Palmer for the slaying of Cecil the lion, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has weighed in, saying that the issue isn't "front burner" for him.

"I have to tell you the truth, these issues are not front burner for me," he told Breitbart News at a New Hampshire event this week. "The unfortunate murder of Cecil the lion is not something I'm spending a whole lot of time reading about, thinking about, or talking about as a candidate for president of the United States."

Cecil the lion's death, of course, gripped the Internet this week after Palmer shot and killed the protected animal in Africa as part of a $55,000 trophy hunt. Jimmy Kimmel even famously teared up while addressing the issue on his show this week.

Christie, however, does not share Kimmel's pain. In fact, he didn't even see it.

"I never watch Kimmel," he said. "I'm a Tonight Show guy so I wouldn't have seen the crying. Nor have I cried."

Palmer also reportedly had donated money to Mitt Romney in the past. Christie, however, said he was "confident Mitt Romney had nothing to do with" Cecil's untimely death.