A San Francisco-based graphic designer has taken to the skies to shame people for not paying proper attention to the task at hand while behind the wheel of a car. Brian Singer started the website Texting While in Traffic to publicly shame folks who couldn't go 20 minutes without sending their friends and family innocuous messages about some funny video, or whatever.

But, when Singer's website didn't shame the texting drivers enough for his taste, Singer paid to plaster billboards with the images of the people who couldn't wait until the end of their commutes to lol.

Singer recently started the website Texting While In Traffic, where he's been collecting photos of distracted drivers (Singer assured Gizmodo that the photos were taken by passengers, not drivers). He's now blown up some of the images for display on 11 billboards throughout San Francisco. The hope is that the photos will freak people out enough that they'll stop.

Head on over to Texting While in Traffic to check out all of the images and, if you're reading this on your smartphone while driving, put the damn thing away. [The Atlantic Cities]