After killing teenager Trayvon Martin and being found not guilty of murder, you'd think that George Zimmerman would either seek some privacy and/or do his damndest to at least mildly rehabilitate his image. Instead, he's been involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend—when she alleged he pulled a shotgun on her—and taken to eBay to sell his trace-job artwork for thousands of dollars. Obviously, the next stop on the fiasco that is The George Zimmerman Traveling Circus is Celebrity Boxing.

Zimmerman has agreed to participate in a Celebrity Boxing match billed for Pay Per View on March 1st. He doesn't have an opponent yet, but Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman is accepting applications.

"I don't have a preference [on opponent] as long as it goes to charity, doesn't matter to me. Hopefully someone that won't hurt me too bad!" Zimmerman said, but after thinking about it a minute told Radar, "If I had my top three I'd say Papa Smurf, the Easter Bunny and maybe the Michelin Man."

Zimmerman tells Radar he wants a good fight, but will he return to the ring if he loses?

"Obviously if I get my butt kicked around, then no!" he said. [RadarOnline]

Rapper The Game has already nominated himself.

The Game will throw his hat in the ring to fight George Zimmerman in the upcoming celebrity boxing match, and he tells TMZ, "I will beat the f**k out of him."

Zimmerman has agreed to the March 1 celebrity boxing match ... the promoter hasn't selected his opponent, but is taking offers at

Here I was ready to turn my nose up at the whole thing because Zimmerman is not a celebrity and Celebrity Boxing is, like, three steps below a Celebrity Rehab web series in America's cultural canon. But, honestly, I think I'd shell out $50 to watch the game beat the hell out of him in a sanctioned fight. [h/t NYMag]