Late last year, Chester County's Longwood Gardens took home the prize for best public bathrooms in the country, finally putting the Philadelphia area on the map for toilet-related prestige.

So, naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone started showing off Philadelphia's other fantastic public facilities. Which, of course, is the goal of newly minted YouTube channel Golden Thrones.

Produced by Vireo Films, Golden Thrones so far has visited just a few Philly-area lavatories, but the output (as you can see in the videos) is thorough, detailed, and, above all else, hilarious in its strangeness.

Of Old City's Barra, Golden Thrones tells us to expect "a fast-loader" due to "three separate unisex stalls." That way, you don't have to worry about being "the guy holding things up." However, the toilet paper is a little rough, so "bring your own if you're sensitive."

The New Jersey world headquarters of Johnny on the Spot, meanwhile, offers up a portable restroom known as the "Diamond X Premiere," which Golden Thrones calls "one of the most prestigious portable bathrooms available in the world."

And, finally, there are Longwood Gardens' bathrooms, which Golden Thrones says can result in users being "transported to your own private secret garden." Ultimately, that and several other environmentally focused factors add up to bathrooms that are green both inside and out.

So while the channel is in its infancy, you may want to keep an eye out for future episodes. After all, if you're public-toilet-averse like many of us, Golden Thrones works for you.