If you need to get something done without resorting to Zero Dark Thirty-style torture, put Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter on it. No one can say no to a friendly ex-president with a Southern drawl. Except Led Zeppelin, apparently.

The team behind the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy victims asked Clinton to convince the band to get back together for a few songs, and Slick Willy got turned down! Producer David Saltzman says in a 60 Minutes webcast:

"Harvey Weinstein had this great idea that we could enlist Bill Clinton to convince Led Zeppelin to reunite to perform at the 12-12-12 concert. So Harvey and I got on a plane to fly down to Washington to meet with President Clinton, who was going to be seeing the members of Led Zeppelin who were being honored at the Kennedy Center. The president was terrific — 'I really wanna do this, this will be a fantastic thing, I love Led Zeppelin.' And Bill Clinton himself asked Led Zeppelin to reunite, and they wouldn't do it." [CBS]