The Internet is a strange place. There are games, forums, lists, and plenty of videos of babies discovering ice cream is delicious. Among the infinite possibilities contained in the Internet is r/gonewild, a subsection of the popular social site Reddit that serves as an amateur porn community. Basically, people use the anonyminity of Reddit to publicly share NSFW pictures to the delight of the faceless masses.

One woman who posts on under the name Zellarena posted a topless photograph of herself with the title "I swear these are getting bigger.. (f)."

Hundreds of comments poured in, including at least one that suggested that Zellarena might be pregnant. After reading the hypothesis, she decided to test the theory for herself and discovered that, yes, she was indeed with child.

The comment inspired Zellarena to take a test, and about five hours after posting a picture of her chest, she found out that she was indeed pregnant.

"That's one way to find out," Zellarena posted on Reddit with the following photo.

Obviously, everyone on Reddit immediately took to dreaming up possible names for the baby. Zellarena has since deleted her account. [Daily Dot]