It's kind of like a supergroup: Gene Baur, rockin' the eastern seaboard on his 30th-anniversary Farm Sanctuary tour, comes to town to jam with local eco-dining champion Judy Wicks, along with Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby and more, with eats by Miss Rachel's Pantry!

The event is tonight's "Eating for a Sustainable Planet,"  5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Trinity Urban Life Center, 22nd & Spruce Streets. It's free to the public, but you'll want to be sure to register here.

Stepping into the spotlight for a solo will be Baur, who is this month celebrating the 30th anniversary of Farm Sanctuary, a now legendary animal-rescue organization that originally started in Pa. just a few towns over, funded by veggie-dog sales in the parking lot of The Vet. Baur will speak on "how our individual choices can play a role in combatting environmental degradation and help preserve our planet and those who inhabit it," according to the Facebook page for the event.

Following Baur's talk will be a look out how vegan values are represented in Philadelphia from different local perspectives, as backup vocals are handled by Vedge's Landau and Jacoby, vertical farmer Jack Griffin of Metropolis Farms, and activist Rachel Black of the Humane League. Or maybe one of these folks could take keyboards and another the bass? Work it out.

Anyway, this talk is part of the program series "Conversations for a Sustainable Philadelphia" hosted by Wicks and Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia. In an email Wicks described the series as "free public talks about the steps we need to take in order to leave a socially, environmentally and financially sustainable region for future generations, with a focus on the basic needs of food, water, clothing and energy."

Wicks underlined that the goals of sustainability in our environment dovetail with those of our ethics: "I believe that industrial farming - the confinement of animals in factories, is unspeakably cruel and barbaric, and should be outlawed. Not only is it immoral, but it is dangerous to our health and to the health of our land, water and air. We need to move toward a plant-based diet, eating little or no meat."

All of the participants, playing their respective parts, are helping move us to the goal, which I would go ahead and define as no meat. A key part to be played is that of appealing food like that provided by Miss Rachel's Pantry, which I will predict - sight unseen, Carnac-like - will be Totally Delicious because it always is!

If you haven't been there recently, make your way to the charming cafe at 1938 S. Chadwick to try some of the treats off the all-new Summer menu with delights like Pizza Bagels, Challah French Toast and fantastic knishes. (The new hours are Tuesday - Sunday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., with Friday going to 6 p.m.) You'll be eating for a sustainable planet, and a sustainable vegan Philly!