Here's the depressing announcement from Opinion Research about a new poll showing that more than one in four teenagers think that violent behavior is acceptable - even when it's merely to settle a score:

"While today's teens are learning the Three 'Rs' of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic in school, new research shows that many are justifying violence to practice a fourth - Revenge.

"In a youth culture where violence is often believed to be acceptable, these and other findings not only present disturbing implications for school safety, but for the workplace as well, say experts."

That's because the kids who believe this nonsense regard themselves as ethically ready to enter the workplace.

I know - way to harsh our holiday buzz, right?

Here's a link to the press release and to the research that generated the bad news.

Waddya think? Did researchers people poll too many of the wrong kind of kids? Or are there just more of the wrong kind of kids out there?