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Those NASCAR Angels!

Betsy Betancourt's life just got easier, thanks to NASCAR

Back in June, I wrote about a 24-year-old single mom named Betsy Betancourt who feared she'd have to drop out of nursing school in order to raise the teenage children of her sister, who died unexpectedly of a catastrophic infection.

Response to the column was compassionate and overwhelming, though not without some measured words for the decisions Betsy's sister had made while alive that were now impacting Betsy in such a tough way.

One of the coolest responses to Betsy's plight came from the producers of NASCAR Angels, a do-gooder reality-TV show that focuses on Good Samaritans in need of car rehab. Here's the column I wrote about that

And – ta da! – here's the show that resulted, which is now airing around the country (it has a has a brief, short ad up front). It also contains some brief footage of Yours Truly, where you'll see that my hair needed combing that day. Other than that, it's a great piece about a lovely young woman.

Go, Betsy! And thank you, NASCAR Angels, forbringing Christmas a little early to Betsy and her family.