Among the goals of this blog and its more limited sister, the Winging It column, is to supply information to anyone who wishes to read about all sides of controversial issues. The big issue right now is airline consolidation and whether the traditional lords of the U.S. industry, the legacy carriers that existed prior to deregulation in 1978, will eventually become three mega-carriers. Almost daily, someone or some group weighs in with an opinion about the wisdom of this trend, which should be of great interest to PHL fliers because US Airways is among the legacy carriers.

I intend to post as many articles and essays on consolidation as I can find. Today I'm posting here a link to an "expert blog-Transportation" maintained by National Journal, one of the most respected policy publications I know of.  Politicians, consultants, ex-airline CEO Robert Crandall, current US Airways CEO Doug Parker, Business Travel Coaltiion chairman Kevin Mitchell and numerous others, for and against the United-Continental deal, have posts or articles quoting them

For those who want to read all opinions all the time on this topic, I sugest you bookmark this blog and return to it once a week or so as long as the consolidation issue continues to be in the news.

And here are two news articles, one on Senate committee interest, and one from the New York Times Practical Traveler column, exploring the issues.