Chester County sales were recorded in October; Chadds Ford sales in July



477 Crescent Dr

Eric C and Constance M Stong to William T Mount, $467,500.


1227 Caln Meetinghouse Rd

Edward A and Maryann Conway Bishop to Kirk A Smith, $152,000.

2302 Longview Dr Robert and Iris V Bernard to Ty and Brynn Jarrard, $162,500.

15 Nancy Ln Todd A and Linda G Feralio to Steven Kelly Jr and Kelly Caldwell, $167,000.


12 Ashwood Ln

Bentley at Charlestown Associates LP et al to Robert J and Deanna Howard, $1,756,101.


364 Adams Dr

Miller Hill Developers LLC to Josephine A Nixon, $265,000.


137 Wallace Ave

James A and Robert C Lockwood to Cheol C and Chong S Sihn, $550,000.

East Bradford

454 Lake George Cir

Nancy J Heiden to Megan Crooks, $351,500.

1056 Lenape Rd David J and Jenny H Law to Michael Quarto, $355,000.

East Coventry

99 N Savanna Dr

Gary Soghomonian to Michael Cuccaro and Joyce Wilkerson, $337,900.

East Goshen

2518 Pond View Dr

Noelle and Shannon Gaffney to Paul F Lusch, $205,000.

1107 Valley Dr Patricia Edwards to Kathleen R Duffy, $195,000.

3102 Valley Dr Jennifer L McClure to David H Sargent, $150,000.

East Nottingham

219 Crimson Dr

Terry W and Erin T Thomson to Philip F E Griffin, $425,000.

East Pikeland

1913 Revolutionary Ct

Edward Kusy to John F Rountree Jr and Natalie C Opsitnick, $257,000.

East Vincent

305 Aftons Cir

Ralph Stroba and Michele Shaner to Oscar and Melvi G Cocar, $385,000.


628 Olympia Hills Cir

Bernard J Lavins Jr and Elizabeth R McSweeney Lavins to Michael C and Sue M Jones, $890,000.

Honey Brook Borough

925 Walnut St

Mary L Devoe and Emery C Harrison Jr to Trent D and Melissa K Horst, $169,000.

Kennett Square Boro

318 Center St

Juan Carlos and Dora E Navarro to Donald Bradt, $146,000.

612 Oak Ave Susan Ferver to Heather Jo and Richard W Smalley, $269,900.

London Britain

138 Southbank Rd

William J Kelly to Joanne Pierson, $250,000.

London Grove

126 Maloney Ter

Kira L Epstein to Benjamin Mark and Eliza Rebeccah Lewis, $270,000.

9 Moorings Rd Keystone Custom Homes Inc to Gilberto J and Paulina C Lunardi, $400,848.

Lower Oxford

659 Limestone Rd

Dallet G and Sadie M Tice to Armando Tenorio and Leobarda Ocampo, $211,000.

New Garden

105 Crescent Rd

Wilkinson Distinction LP to Dolores Panico, $401,277.

109 Crescent Rd Wilkinson Distinction LP to Donald E and Joan V English, $501,169.

201 Richards Way Wilkinson Signature LLC to Shat and Edith J Lwin, $649,900.

New London

110 W Dorothys Way

Wilkinson Allegiance LLC to Elijah and Yolanda Franklin, $820,517.

North Coventry

883 Brown St

John R III and Linda B Landan to Marie K Moore, $220,000.

104 W Cedarville Rd Estate of Frances E Beekley to Jerome B and Erin H Richmond, $189,000.

440 S Hanover St J Scott and Tracy Lahr Calvert to P Bradford Macy, $157,500.


136 Bridge St unit 309

3d Group Ltd to Michael P and Katherine R Skocik, $174,000.

416 Main St unit C Leanore I Rogers to Kathryn Himelreich, $129,900.


143 Lydia Ln

Vincent D Marino to Gregory E and Lorraine M Labus, $405,000.


6 Cabot Dr

Jane A Diponziano to Kathleen M Wong, $325,000.

404 Cannon Ct Matthew C Pusey to Kim Kranyecz, $309,000.

119 Cavalry Ct Lauren E Forgacs to Christopher E Rush, $259,900.

137 Daylesford Blvd Laurie H and Laurie Matthias to Kevin and Jane McGurk, $477,000.

228 Drummers Ln Susan B West to Matthew W Craig, $165,000.

356 Drummers Ln Christopher E Rush to Stephanie A Koch, $182,000.

460 Glenwyth Rd Bruce C and Cynthia S Watson to Christian D Wynne, $465,000.

79 Grove Ave Valerie L Trier to Gail Almasd Meshejian, $200,000.

131 Old Forge Crossing Cari Labruzzo to Steven Yalcin, $214,000.

909 Old Lancaster Rd Mark D and Casey L Brydle to Lori Ann Jones and Donald Wilkinson, $279,000.

35 Orchard Ln Estate of Fiove P Antonini to Richard M and Amy M Hawkins, $280,000.


810 Taylor Rd

Michael J and Jennifer M Keeshan to Patrick J Verwys and Jessica L Norman, $293,000.


20 Ackman Ln

Realen Homes to Marc and Frances R Kattelman, $455,015.

West Bradford

1308 Ridgeview Cir

Gloria Ann Ayers to Joshua G and Florence Correa Meyer Villari, $279,000.

West Brandywine

134 Rebecca Dr

Southdown Homes LP to John D and Maryanne E Lanzar, $507,407.

West Caln

246 Sandy Way

All County Partnership to Gary L and Shelley Y Parks, $295,790.

West Chester

235 Dean St

Barclay Reynolds and B Susan Yates to Terry L Reifsnyder, $339,900.

West Goshen

1214 Farmington Ln

Maureen Boyle Hurley to Kathy S Lanterman and Donald C Titter, $264,900.

West Nantmeal

112 Ironstone Ln

Southdown Homes LP to Michael and Patricia L Coates, $604,885.

West Nottingham

301 W Christine Rd

Charles Edwards and Mary Louise Cannoy to John Hornyak and Faye Gray, $210,000.

West Vincent

425 Fairmont Dr

West Vincent Associates Ltd to Thomas Michael and Cheryl Frederick, $519,295.

911 Pinehurst Dr West Vincent Associates Ltd to James and Felicia M Lewis, $567,449.

302 Sundance Dr West Vincent Associates Ltd to Ryan M and Katherine S Felmlee, $389,653.

West Whiteland

844 Durant Ct

Leslie M Sombers to Timothy D Bacon, $240,000.

858 Durant Ct Angelo L and Euoleen J Dentamaro to Eric T Dickens and Michelle A Scarcelli, $269,900.

142 Fringetree Dr Weichert Relocation Resources Inc to Thomas S and Rebecca B Youngblood, $353,000.


121 Hidden Pond Way

Greenstone Development II Corp to Marc R and Lewilynn Goldfinger, $735,716.


627 S Warren Ave

Harry Eugene and Lynda Susan Hackman to David C and Carol Havard, $485,000.

17 Woodland Ave Russell E and Cynthia L Lighton to Felicity S Briggs, $319,900.

Delaware County

Chadds Ford

5 Holly Tree Ln

John S and Nelle G Sieg to John R and Nancy W Wolak, $1,500,600.

9 Pin Oak Dr Toll Bros to Gregory R and Jennifer Schneider, $862,339.