"Although the economic outlook is improving, the recovery is still pretty tepid."

- economist Paul Ashworth, after disappointing jobs numbers for May

"This is a jobless recovery, and the market will have to get used to that."

- Wells Fargo & Co. bond manager Jay Mueller

"Just over the next five years, we'll create 500,000 jobs around the world."

- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. chief executive officer Mike Duke

"Men and breasts. That's what it was about."

- ABC spokeswoman
Julie Hoover, on pressure to air
a Lane Bryant lingerie commercial

"It's right that I should be the lightning rod. I'm so far unscathed."

- BP chief executive Tony Hayward, on criticism of him related to the Gulf of Mexico
oil spill
"This will be the mother of all liability claims."

- maritime lawyer Fred Kuffler, on likely litigation over the oil spill

"It's just kind of ridiculous in the sense that you know they're harmful for you."

- smoker Joe McKenna, on new federal rules banning cigarette names such as "light," "mild," "medium," or "low" on cigarette packs

"The U.S. is the least dirty shirt. The world is full of dirty shirts in terms of excessive debt, and the United States is one of those countries, but it still remains the reserve currency and still remains the flight-to-quality haven."

- bond fund manager Bill Gross, on rising demand for the relative safety of U.S. Treasuries

"Analysts almost never see a recession coming."

- investment and economics consultant Ed Yardeni