"May I say to you that we have quite a good chance to survive."

- Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban, on his country's debt crisis

"Our own view is that the labor-market recovery will be a grudging one, that consumers will enjoy only modest gains in wages and salaries for some time, and that consumer-spending growth will therefore prove disappointing." - economist Joshua Shapiro

"You won't lose votes bashing banks or big oil. There are real concerns about the impact of the spill on the economy and environment in the gulf, but politicians haven't worked out that BP is probably capable of making a 100 percent effort on the spill and also maintaining the dividend." - equity analyst David Hart, on calls for BP P.L.C.
to cut its dividend

"It shouldn't be pretty hard to figure out my e-mail address."

- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on learning his e-mail address was exposed in an AT&T data breach

"They're hunkering down right now and trying to change caterpillars into butterflies."

- auto industry analyst Aaron Bragman, on Chrysler Group L.L.C.'s need to update and roll out new models a year after its exit from bankruptcy

"I am really astonished at Harrah's that they would continue to fight against New Jersey's interests in order to protect their monopoly in Nevada on sports betting."

- N.J. State Sen. Raymond Lesniak
(D., Union)

"Harrah's is absolutely not delaying a sports-betting bill in New Jersey."

- Harrah's Entertainment Inc. spokeswoman
Marybel Batjer