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Parent doesn't want to force motivated son to move out

He has a degree from an Ivy League college and a good job on his resume.

DEAR HARRY: I have a son who has a college degree from an Ivy League school. When he graduated, he got a good job through the school's employment office. All went well until his employer was taken over by a larger British company in 2013. He was offered a transfer to their facility in England, but he did not want to make the move.

Since then, he has moved back home. We have given him all the help and support that he needs. Lately, it seems that we are being deluged by TV and magazines directed at us advocating that we set a deadline to force him to move out. We are reluctant to do this.

He has been trying to get a new job. Last month, a friend reviewed his resume and suggested a few changes in the way it described his previous job. Since then, he has had three replies and two interviews. Am I wrong in allowing him to stay here until he is better-situated?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: I have seen the type of commentary you wrote about. Barring situations where the child becomes a lazy, housebound TV lout, I'm with you 100 percent.

I think it's a parent's duty to help children in any way possible. Sure, there are exceptions, but I think you'll be better off in your relationship after the child does move out. Wish him good luck from his Uncle Harry.