Both houses of the Pennsylvania Legislature on Tuesday approved resolutions encouraging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to consider a Trump Administration proposal to provide guarantees to the coal and nuclear power industries, a position that won plaudits from Exelon Corp., which would benefit from the controversial proposal.

Exelon on Wednesday praised the resolutions, which will be added to the hundreds of other comments that were filed with FERC this week on the proposed Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule, which would allow nuclear and coal generators in some parts of the country to recover their full costs if they have a 90-day fuel supply on-site.

Exelon said the proposal, which is being fast-tracked before the FERC, would remedy imbalances in wholesale electricity markets that have led to the premature closures of scores of power plants fueled by coal and nuclear energy. Exelon says it will close its Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Harrisburg without some kind of financial support.

The virtually identical House and Senate resolutions urge FERC "to swiftly implement policies and approve tariff provisions to ensure fuel-secure baseload electricity generation resources receive proper compensation for all of the positive attributes they provide our nation's and this commonwealth's electric system."

Critics say the plan unfairly favors nuclear and coal energy over other types of power, and undermines competitive markets.