Brace yourself for a bigger heating bill. Consumption of natural gas is hitting new records in suburban Philadelphia.

Peco Energy Co., the utility that serves 516,000 suburban gas customers, set new sales records for natural gas on three separate days recently. Customer demand reached 804,372 thousand cubic feet (Mcf) on Jan. 6, eclipsing records set on Jan. 5 and Dec. 31. The new record is 4.8 percent more than the  record going into this winter of 767,421 Mcf, set on Feb. 19, 2015.

Though the price of natural gas is at near 15-year lows because of increased domestic production of fracked shale-gas, greater consumption can still drive up a bill. Peco suggests lowering thermostats a few degrees lower, if health permits, closing the fireplace damper, and using drapes to allow sunlight in during the day and to keep warm air in at night.