Happiness at work is something we all strive for, but how many people genuinely enjoy going to work every day?

For the employees who work at the 50 companies ranked on Career Bliss' Happiest Companies in America list, they may be able to say just that.

For its second consecutive year, multinational pharmaceutical giant Pfizer ranked number one on the job website's annual list that recognizes companies that have the happiest work environments. Kaiser Permanente came in second – up 13 spots from last year – and Texas Instruments ranked third, for its first time on the list.

Career Bliss determined the happiest companies by analyzing thousands of employee-submitted reviews on its website. Employees were asked about key happiness factors, such as company culture, salary, and co-workers. Participants ranked each quality on a five-point scale and indicated how important it was to their overall happiness at work.

Many of the jobs in the top-10 are in the healthcare, technology, and engineering fields. The average salaries range from $67,000 to $89,000.

Some big names on the top 50 list include Apple (No. 14), Google (No. 21), and Starbucks (No. 48).

Here are the top 10 companies:

1. Pfizer
   Average salary – $83,000

2. Kaiser Permanente
    Average salary – $76,000

3. Texas Instruments
    Average salary – $81,000

4. EMC
    Average salary – $89,000

5. Qualcomm
    Average salary – $87,000

6. KBR
    Average salary – $86,000

7. Bristol-Myers Squibb
    Average salary – $81,000

8. General Electric
    Average salary – $75,000

9. Capital One
    Average salary – $67,000

10. Avaya
      Average salary – $87,000

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