Do you remember looking forward to each day of work when you first started, but now have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and find yourself checking the time too often during the day?

You're not alone. A recent survey conducted by Harvard Management Update found that in 85 percent of companies, new employees' enthusiasm wears off just after six months at a job.

And the reason for the drastic change in attitude could be because of the boss. A positive work environment is key when it comes to staying motivated at work, and the boss plays a large role in making that possible. Bosses should avoid making their employees feel disrespected, overworked, or unappreciated.

The National Federation of Independent Business recently listed out eight common ways that bosses demotivate their employees, with micromanaging as the number one demotivator. Employees need to feel trusted and valued, and micromanaging usually gives the opposite result.

Bosses should also remember to provide praise to their employees – whether it's just a simple "good job" email or thank you card – to make sure they know their work is appreciated. "If employees feel like their hard work goes unnoticed, they'll start to wonder why they're working so hard in the first place," the article states.

Criticizing an employee in front of other workers, giving impossible goals and deadlines, and threatening an employee's job for doing sub-par work are other common demotivators bosses should stay away from.

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