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For Marc Salz, it all started with a painting.

While growing up in New York City, Salz's father, Sam, had given him a famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence to hang in his bedroom.

But after several months, Sam Salz, a world renowned art dealer, gave the piece of art to the White House when John F. Kennedy was president.

The famous artwork, done by Charles Édouard Armand-Dumaresq in 1873, is currently in the White House Cabinet Room.

Although Marc Salz only enjoyed the painting in his room for a short time when he was 12 years old, it had a lasting impression on him.

"Some of that historic feeling of the area really got to me after sleeping under that painting," he said.

Salz, a painter himself, was fascinated by historic Philadelphia and ended up living in Society Hill for over four decades. He loved the fact that many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, such as James Madison and James Monroe, had once lived nearby.

"This makes the area like a sacred ground for creating with the founding principles of our country as a start," he said.

Salz moved to his most recent home, located at 226 Gaskill Street, back in 2007 with his wife, daughter and grandson. He was drawn to the historic feel of the rowhome, the open layout, and the quietness on the street.

But after spending six years in the 2,280 square foot home, Salz and his family are moving out of the city due to his grandson's school. Salz is saying goodbye to Society Hill after being there since 1972, and is putting the home on the market for $1,090,000.

Unlike some of the surviving 18th and 19th century homes nearby, this rowhome on Gaskill Street is not even a decade old.

While the home was only built in 2005, its exterior is made to look like it was for one of the Founding Fathers. All of the rowhomes on the same block were built within the past 10 years as well.

And although it has a classic feel outside, the home's interior is completely modern.

Salz, who was the first homeowner of the rowhouse, made several renovations during the time he lived there.

He removed the carpet in the rear family room on the first floor, in the master bedroom, and in his grandson's bedroom on the third floor and replaced all carpeting with parquet wood floors. He also put tiles around the kitchen counters "for a more rustic Mediterranean look."

Another unique aspect of the home is an elevator that goes up to the third floor. Other amenities include a one-car garage and a security system.

The kitchen has cherry wood cabinets, an 8-foot granite island and Viking commercial appliances. The living room includes a gas fireplace as well as an entrance to a garden patio.

Aside from all of the historic landmarks, Salz said he enjoyed the neighborhood for all of its dining and shopping options, especially being just a half block from South Street.

"It's a perfect combination of historic atmosphere and city conveniences," he said.

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