If you are looking for a way to earn money, clear out your closet and save the planet, then check out Gazelle, a site that will buy or recycle your used electronic devices.

Last week, I spoke with Kristina Kennedy, director of brand and communications for Gazelle, about the services Gazelle provides. Kennedy explained: "Whether it's consumers or small businesses, most of us don't really know quite what to do with our small gadgets. They know they're not supposed to throw them away, but they aren't really quite sure what to do with them, so they end up sitting in drawers and sitting in closets."

Gazelle makes it easy to sell your electronics and get cash or a gift card for them.

To sell your items, head to www.gazelle.com where you can view a list of 22 categories Gazelle will accept, including cell phones, laptops, cameras, DVD players, movies, video games and desktop computers. Select your category and Gazelle will ask for specific information, such as the manufacturer, model, and condition of the item.

Gazelle will then calculate the value of the item and make you an offer that is good for 30 days. If you accept the offer, you enter your information and Gazelle will send you a box to ship the item to Gazelle for free.

Gazelle also offers a price guarantee. If the price of the item rises, which Kennedy admits doesn't happen often, or Gazelle discovers that the item is worth more than was estimated, Gazelle will pay the seller more than the quoted price.

If Gazelle determines that your item does not have significant value, you can still send the item to Gazelle to recycle it for free. Gazelle will pay the postage if you include the item in the box - along with another item you are selling to Gazelle.

Gazelle gives you a variety of payment options to choose from, including depositing the funds into your PayPal account, or sending you a check or a gift card from Amazon or Wal-Mart. You can also choose to donate your proceeds to one of over 100 charities on the Gazelle site.

Gazelle has announced a partnership with Staples so that you can now can receive a Staples gift card as payment for your used devices. Kennedy said this is an efficient way for businesses who have many computers or cell phones to upgrade and are looking for an easy way to trade in their older devices. To trade in your electronics for a Staples gift card, visit www.staples.gazelle.com.

Gazelle also offers a partnership with charities trying to raise money through gadget donations. Gazelle will help a charity set up a landing page to help publicize the program. Kennedy suggested that fund-raisers work best when they're coupled with an event. She gave the example of Trade in Your Old iPod Night, paired with Back to School night or a bake sale. The charity can collect the gadgets at the event, send them into Gazelle and receive a check for the proceeds.

In addition to helping people sell their used electronics, Gazelle also sells electronics.

"Gazelle is moving products from early adopters to late adopters," Kennedy said. "Gazelle helps to give tech an extended life and a new home."

Kennedy points out that not everyone is standing in line on day 1 to buy a new product. Some people wait a year or so to try out a device.

Gazelle sells its inventory on Amazon and eBay. Each item it sells has been hand-inspected by Gazelle, according to Kennedy, so that buyers can be assured of the accuracy of a product description. If you're looking to buy an electronic gadget from Gazelle, check out their stores at Amazon (http://is.gd/xAPEjs) and eBay (http://is.gd/UvD2Qk). Gazelle's eBay store tends to have a more extensive supply of electronics than its Amazon store, but check both stores if you are looking for a specific item.

January is Gazelle's busiest time for people selling their electronics. So if you suspect you might be getting a new device for the holidays, you could lock in your price to sell your device to Gazelle now, before the rush next month.