Have you downed more than "one for my baby and one more for the road?" So blasted you can't even find your car keys?

If you're in one of the Philly bars with a newly upgraded TouchTunes Digital Jukebox, the same touch screen used to order up music will now offer some aid and comfort: an added service called TransitScreen that gives you times on local transit.

Tap on a special screen spot - sponsored by a beverage maker (Absolut, Jameson, and Malibu's parent company Pernod-Ricard USA) with your safety and patronage at heart - and the screen will flip from selections of "Current Hits" to "safe travel options."

For Philadelphians in need, the offerings will include a full rundown of regional trains, subways, and buses operating in the bar's vicinity, as well as local ride-share options.

It's all spelled out in a train station- or airport terminal-styled display screen that details upcoming times of departure, and how long it will take to walk to the platform or bus stop.

And in the case of an Uber and Lyft, how soon a ride can reach and rescue you.

Launching this week in "test mode" in 14 TouchTunes markets, the transit enhancement is being tried here in a dozen of the company's 400 digital jukeboxes planted in local watering holes, said Susan Danaher, head of advertising and marketing for TouchTunes Media. While its music delivery service costs the barkeep and customers money, the transit information is free. Last year the company said it served up more than one billion songs to 75,000 bars and restaurants through its cloud-based streaming system.

While TransitScreen is more deeply engaged with a network of public screens in 25 U.S. cities, cofounder and chief operating officer Ryan Croft called the new partnership "a perfect fit . . . people out socializing can maximize their time with each other and get home safely."

Early adopters here include Center City drinking spots Dirty Frank's and Locust Bar, South Philly's 1900 Cafe, and Scotty's Lounge plus northern lights including the Clock Bar, Yo Maxi's, 55 North Bar, Bridge & Pratt Cafe, Chihuahua Bar & Restaurant, Mill Pub, and Phil's Place.