TWO CBS 3 staffers were detained Thursday by officers assigned to the Veterans Administration Hospital (39th & Woodland) for videotaping without permission.

The pair were caught "in an area of the nursing facility where they were not allowed to be," Rich Manieri, U.S. Attorney's office spokesman, told us Friday.

A female photographer was fined $150 for disorderly conduct after putting up some sort of struggle when confronted, and was also fined $50 for trespassing and $50 for unauthorized photography. A male producer also received the lesser two fines.

VA officers confiscated a videotape from the CBS 3 crew and a copy of the tape was returned to the station, Manieri said.

The unknown undercover investigation by CBS 3 at the local VA Hospital comes on the tails of recent Washington Post reports alleging mistreatment of wounded vets at Washington's Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

"We won't comment about the nature of our story except to say that this incident won't deter us in any way from covering it," said CBS 3 spokeswoman Joanne Calabria. "We don't believe our people did anything wrong and we stand by them."

Doc's Union Pub being sold

Electricians union leader John Dougherty is selling a building he owns at 2nd & Mifflin, which houses a popular bar, Doc's Union Pub, which he doesn't own.

Reached yesterday, Doc said he and partners Michael Neill and Brian Burrows were selling the building to a group of investors, which includes a few guys from Local 98 and an area Irish bar.

"Their intention is to make it more of a sit-down restaurant in the vein of For Pete's Sake on Front Street [at Christian]," Doc says. "They're gonna keep it as part of the fabric of the neighborhood, and it was a good financial deal," says Doc.

"How good?" we asked.

"It was a good deal for everybody involved," Dougherty said.

Ahnuld's daughter to Penn?

On Wednesday we reported that California's First Lady Maria Shriver and daughter Christina had popped into Old Original Bookbinder's (125 Walnut) for a bite last Monday night. Since then, Shriver, a former KYW-TV staffer, has told old pal Harry Jay Katz that she was here with Christina visiting Penn, where the teen is considering applying to school.

Mrs. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told Katz she chose Bookie's because she wanted to show Christina where she used to hang.

Bam directing new indie movie

Bam Margera is psyched that he'll finally have time to start shooting "Minghags" this week in West Chester. He says his friend and fellow "Jackass" Brandon DiCamillo will star as a kid who discovers a machine that spits out "delicious root beer," but an "old, rich dude" steals the invention, in the comedy directed by the newlywed Margera.

At 9 tomorrow night, MTV airs the finale of "Bam's Unholy Union," which followed the West Chester hero and Missy Rothstein as they planned their Feb. 2 wedding at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel.

So did Margera, the merry prankster, ever imagine he'd be paid insane amounts of money to be a full-time a--hole?

"I always hoped to," he says.

"I felt like I was wasting time in high school [East High in West Chester]. I quit in 10th grade and went to California to skateboard.

"Now I do what I want to do whenever." Margera says.

"I wake up, I skate my ramp with my friends. I go mess with my dad and rip out all his toilets so he has to s--- at his neighbor's."

At least he hasn't gone Hollywood. "I'm so over California and palm trees," he says. "I want to see the woods of Pennsylvania."

Out and about

Ryan Howard hugged staff on his way into 32° (16 S. 2nd) Thursday night and said, "When I come to 32, I start hitting home runs." The slugger was joined by eight friends and hung out in the VIP area. Phillies Pat Burrell and newcomer Jayson Werth were also at 32° Thursday.

* CN8's Lynn Doyle and her "It's Your Call" team worked up an appetite watching Justin Timberlake's Wachovia Center show last week, so afterward they headed to Geno's Steaks for a late-night snack. Who else should pull up, but Timberlake? Sadly, JT didn't get off his bus and Doyle had to enjoy her whiz wit, without saying hello to the singer.

* Lucas Rossi of "Rock Star: Supernova," spent a fair amount of time last week at Crazy Horse Too (2908 S. Columbus). The rocker's girlfriend, porn starlet Kendra Jade, was the club's feature entertainer for the week. *

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