Without great hair and makeup, even the most sizzling prom dress will come up average.

That is why we turned to the beauty experts at Bernard's Salon and Spa in Cherry Hill to show prom-goers of all shapes and sizes how to have red-carpet-ready hair and makeup this season.

Hair: Cascading waves and braids are the hottest looks in special-occasion hair this season, Cusimano says. The long layers elongate Pelley's neck, while the braids styled into the flowing mane keep the vibe young. "It's a soft, romantic look that works with everyone,"she says.

Makeup: This old-Hollywood bold red lip is sultry and fun, Mitchell says. With such a powerful lip, Mitchell gave Pelley a softer, smoky eye. Pelley's eyes are her best feature, too, Mitchell points out, so "we want to draw attention up there."

Hair: This side-swept style is all the rage as big auburn curls are so very Kim Kardashian. "With fuller faces, I try to do a lot of volume," stylist Everette Cusimano says. For balance, she added a single tendril along the opposite side of plus-size blogger Jenn Pelley's face. "This softens the look so she's not completely exposed."

Makeup: Makeup artist Amanda Mitchell drew in heavy eyeliner, winged at the ends for drama. She added purple eyeliner on the bottom lid and smudged it a bit for confidence and edginess. Mitchell contoured Pelley's cheeks to make her face look longer.

Hair: Vintage updos will increase the fierce factor of any prom frock. Cusimano twisted the back of Pelley's hair - leaving it a little tousled - and pinned it back loosely. The secret to the volume, she says, is starting with lots of curls.