If the sequined skinnies are too much for you (and your derriere), or the silver-threaded sweater is too 2013, or your sparkled pumps blind your neighbors and your pets, add a dollop of glitz to those lids.

The trendlet

Shimmery shadow - whether a vibrant amethyst, hot-pink-and-white look, or a gold, silver, and rose gold combo - will surely give your eyelids a festive pop this New Year's Eve. But it's all about the winter pastels rather than jewel-toned emerald and burgundy.

Where does it come from?

Eye makeup goes back to the ancient Egyptians. In the days of Cleopatra, women used radiant stones they found in caves and crushed into powder for shadow they placed over kohl-lined eyes.

In the 1950s, bombshells from Marilyn Monroe to Ava Gardner lined their eyes with deep black and midnight blue - with a touch of white shimmer. A lot of what made the 1950s so glamorous was the use of soft pastels, like light pink, baby blue, and even a little yellow, on eyelids, too.

The following decades featured glittery lids in spurts. In the late 1960s, the glitter went back to pastel, and in the 1980s, it was black, silver, and very rocker chic. In the 1990s, the glitter was golden and seductive. These days, a glint of glitz is just as acceptable during the day as it is at night.

Who's wearing it?

Meghan Trainor's iridescent lids danced as much as she did in the video for her Grammy-nominated song, "All About the Bass." The lid luster of models Hannah Davis and Kylie Jenner have been inspiring many a Pinterest page. Even race car driver Danica Patrick wore glittered lids to this year's ESPY Awards.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

Despite permission from the fashion world, I prefer that my lids twinkle only at night and err more on the side of rose gold or yellow.

Should you wear it?

Absolutely. A little shimmer never hurt anyone.




Makeup courtesy of Irina Kravchenko, lead makeup artist at Rittenhouse Spa & Club - hair by Paul LaBrecque. Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles Cosmetics.

Model: Aleksandra Svetlichnaya.