One of fashion's coziest embellishments is popping up on our favorite wintertime accessories.

The trendlet

Miniature pom-poms have spread beyond knitted hats to the tops of sleek, high-heeled pumps and patent-leather clutches, not to mention hanging out on sweaters and key chains looking oh so cute.

Where does it come from?

This fuzzy little extra comes from the American craft world, just like its bohemian friends tassels and fringe.

When rapper Nicky Minaj was spotted in 2012 at a Carolina Herrera runway show in a neon sweater covered in pom-poms, she was skewered by fashion pundits. But it didn't matter. During the following years, runway shows of some of fashion's biggest heavy-hitter labels, from Miu Miu to Gucci, were whimsically attaching pom-poms to everything.

This spring, Peter Copping, Oscar de la Renta's former creative director, generously sprinkled pom-poms among his Spanish-inspired collection. And pom-poms are a staple in Anthropologie accessories, thanks to clip-ons by local jewelry designer John Wind.

Who is wearing them?

Young women (and men) who like to add some colorful punch to the mundane.

Would Elizabeth wear them?

On a key chain? Yes. On a pair of pumps? Why not? All over my sweater? No.

Should you wear it?

My advice: Pull out pom-studded merch only when you're feeling happy. If your mood is dull, you'll look like you're trying too hard. Sometimes this accessory is better left to clowns.



John Wind pom-poms, $18 apiece, available at