Ivanka Trump was a hit at the Republican National Convention Thursday night with a fantastic pro-woman speech introducing her dad.

She promised to help fight for equal pay and shatter the glass ceiling. As a working woman, these messages spoke to me. That's surprising coming from a party that is usually in opposition to my political views.

Trump relayed this message beautifully, not just through her excellent speech, but through her look as well. She was styled perfectly, from her (probably) Keratin-ed hair, appled-cheeks and a smooth (Botox'd?)  forehead. But the best part of this look was the total affordability of her ensemble.

Trump wore another Ivanka Trump design earlier this week at the RNC. On Wednesday she chose a dainty, skater-style frock that cost only $158.

By contrast, Fox News' Megyn Kelly, who took much of the brunt of Trump's misogyny during the primary, was slammed for her shoulder-baring, low-neckline dress.

It's also worth nothing that Melania Trump, who made an angelic showing during Monday night's raucous RNC events, has a thing for flouncy sleeves. On Thursday, according to WWD, Melania went with a Fendi that was nearly a carbon copy of Monday's Roksanda.  One thing we know for sure about Melania Trump, she's consistent with her look.