Dear Harry: In the last few months, we have received hundreds (it seems that way, anyway) of offers for credit cards. I can understand why, because we have a top-notch credit score. We try to shred any personal info that these offers have, but we're not always alert enough to sort our junk mail. We have two major credit cards and three store credit cards, and we have absolutely zero need for any more. My brother seems to recall that you once said something about a way to stop unwanted mail. I called the post office, but the man I spoke with never heard of such a thing. My wife is really concerned about this because she feels that someone else may get one of the offers addressed to us and use it as a way of stealing our identity. Is there a way to stop these offers? If we need another card, I'm sure we can get it easily.

What Harry says: Many people get a lot of these, too, but nowhere near what you're getting. I can understand your concern. Try calling 1-888-567-8688. This is a hot line used by the three major credit-reporting agencies (and others) that will get you off most mailing lists for new-card offerings. Incidentally, I'm 100 percent with you on the need for only two general credit cards. As long as they offer you a sufficiently large credit limit, there is rarely a reason for more, and there are many reasons to stick with two.

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