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Brother of Pakistani Kim Kardashian charged with her honor killing

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Pakistani model and social media starlet Qandeel Baloch was killed in her home.
Pakistani model and social media starlet Qandeel Baloch was killed in her home.Read moreYouTube



, who was nicknamed the Pakistani

Kim Kardashian

for her sexy selfies, frisky fashions, Instagram fan base and oversized backside, was found dead in her home in July.

On Monday, the reported that a Pakistani court charged her brother, Waseem Mohammad Baloch, with her murder in what was deemed an honor killing.

Waseem appeared in court with his cousin, Haq Nawaz, whom police believe was one of two accomplices in the killing.

The accused have pleaded not guilty.

Given the kind of clothing the Kardashians have to not wear in order to get attention, Qandeel's pics are relatively tame, but she did gain notoriety by offering to perform a striptease for the Pakistani cricket team and posing for a selfie with a high-profile mullah.

With Pakistan's laws on honor killings still a little lax, it's quite possible the three men will go free in Qandeel's murder. reported that Qandeel's mother said her brother was being taunted by his friends because his sister was dishonoring the family.

So he honored his family by strangling her?

He could have just shot her in the back while she was running away. That doesn't even seem to be a crime here.



Naomi Judd

has opened up about her battle with depression.

She told ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with severe depression and has spent time in psychiatric hospitals. She said she is confronting lingering issues from her childhood as part of her therapy, including being molested by a relative when she was 3.

She also says she is close with her youngest daughter, actress Ashley Judd. But Judd says she's "a little estranged" from Wynonna, her daughter and partner in the country music duo The Judds. She says she and Wynonna are currently taking a break from one another.

Naomi is promoting her new memoir, River of Time.

* The Detroit Free Press says Kid Rock is unveiling a line of pro- (and profane) Donald Trump merchandise.

Included are a Trump-style hat that reads "MAKE AMERICA BADASS AGAIN," a shirt reading "GOD GUNS & TRUMP" and another declaring America's vast swath of red states to be the "United States of America" and the blue states like California, New York and Illinois as "Dumbf---istan."

* For the first time in a while, Sea World is in the news for something other than its treatment of whales.

Unfortunately, the new news is that the company is eliminating 320 jobs across its 12-park company, including Sesame Place in Langhorne.

Company officials said Tuesday in a statement that the goal of the restructuring is to eliminate costs and improve the company's operations.

Because nothing improves a company's operations like fewer workers.

* Former Tattle colleague Robert Strauss will be at the City Institute Library (a/k/a the Rittenhouse Square branch of the Free Public Library, at 19th and Locust Streets) on Monday at 6 p.m. to read from and sign his new book, Worst. President. Ever.

Sorry, Trump haters, the title is taken.

The book is an irreverent biography of Pennsylvania's only president, James Buchanan, and Strauss will explain how Buchanan is the bottom rung on his ladder of of presidential badness.

- Daily News wire services

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