Students and faculty at Lower Merion High School on Monday unveiled the contents of a copper box that had been buried in a building cornerstone by the class of 1910.

A sample report card, commencement invitation and a newspaper announcing a graduation address at Bryn Mawr College by President William Howard Taft were part of a "time capsule" of items placed in the box when a new school building was completed 100 years ago.

The display was part of a ceremony unveiling a 2010 cornerstone which will be installed later this year in the high school's new $105-million building.

The copper box also contained items from students attending the school in 1965. A new school building opened that year. It replaced the 1910 building which was demolished in 1963. Students added items including coins, a teacher's handbook, and a special edition of Life magazine published on Nov. 29, 1963, chronicling the assassination of President Kennedy.

The school's current student body has collected items for the 2010 cornerstone which include a football jersey, student handbooks, a DVD and artwork. Those items will be placed in the cornerstone later this year along with items from earlier buildings.

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