HERE ARE SOME highlights of what local universities are doing for schools in their neighborhoods:

Temple University:

* The College of Education has a partnership with Dunbar Elementary School. Each semester, six to 10 interns in counseling, psychology and teaching are placed at the school.

La Salle University:

* The Writing Matters program is offered to seven district schools and one Catholic school.

* Books have been given to Logan Elementary School. Students there are chosen to attend basketball games at the university.

Drexel University:

* Peco Energy Co. granted $1 million in 2011 for the Drexel-Peco Community Education Collaborative, a five-year initiative aimed at improving the Samuel Powel School's library, its literacy program and a science, technology, engineering and math program for fifth- to eighth-graders living in Powelton Village and Mantua.

University of Pennsylvania:

* A health clinic is run five days a week at Sayre High School.

- Regina Medina