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Parents try to pick fight with kids at Cooke school

A school district spokesman said a man and his wife visited Jay Cooke Elementary with assault on their minds.

THERE ARE things all loving parents do for their kids: pack lunches, attend athletic events, pick fights with other pupils.

A Logan man and his wife excelled at the latter effort Tuesday, when they allegedly started a brawl at Jay Cooke Elementary, on Loudon Street near Old York Road, school district spokesman Fernando Gallard said yesterday.

"I'm without words to explain why anyone would do such a thing," Gallard said. "These adults were not acting like adults if they think they can walk into a school to assault minors."

According to Gallard, the couple, whose two children attend Cooke, entered the school with an unidentified teen during an awards ceremony for honor students, to which parents were invited. But instead of heading to the assembly, the trio took a detour to the school's third floor, where classes were still in session.

There, the school's lone police officer confronted them and asked them to sign in, per standard procedure. They ignored him, and a fight broke out in the hallway among the three aggressors, the officer and a teacher.

The fighters suffered only minor bumps and bruises, Gallard said, and no pupils were injured.

During the district's investigation, the couple admitted that they came to the school to fight two pupils, but it wasn't clear why, Gallard said.

Police last night were awaiting approval on a warrant to arrest the parents involved, Officer Tanya Little, a police spokeswoman, said.