The Cheltenham School District says a hazing incident occurred last month in which members of the boys' soccer team were dangled by their underwear, a technique referred to as "ripping."

District spokeswoman Susan O'Grady said in a statement Tuesday that the district learned of the episode Sept. 23 and began an internal investigation. It also notified police.

She described the hazing as "a forceful pulling and tearing of the victim's underwear to the point where it rips and allows the victim to be dangled by their underwear."

Word of the incident came a week after disclosures of a hazing scandal at Central Bucks High School West in which football players allegedly groped the private parts of fully clothed players at a family picnic in August.

The Cheltenham matter has been "thoroughly investigated, and certain actions have been taken with regard to certain athletes and certain district personnel with supervisory responsibilities," O'Grady said in the statement.

The families of the affected students were told about the incident, and the district is conducting "retraining" for all students and staff involved in extracurricular activities, according to the statement.

"The Cheltenham School District, placing the safety and security of students as its highest priority, has zero tolerance for hazing or any form of intimidation or humiliation in any program, including extracurricular activities. There are no exceptions," the statement said.

O'Grady said no other information would be released.