We love loofah in the shower.

Now enjoy its natural benefits in the kitchen with loofah scrubbers in food designs - gentle enough to clean produce and nonstick surfaces, tough enough to polish pots.

Just rinse and air-dry the pumpkin, pineapple, pear, carrot and other faux-produce pads to keep the plant fibers fresh.

- Marilynn Marter
Loofah-Art® Scrubbers, $5.25. At www.ecobags.com/Natural-Home. (Use coupon code "Philly07" for 15 percent discount through April 15.)

Pie in a Jar

Have a country fair at home - or send one to your college freshman. Heritage Foods offers Country Fair Pecan Pie in a Jar to warm the hearth without messing up the kitchen. It's as easy as adding eggs. Then just pour in a pie shell and bake.

- Dianna Marder
Pecan Pie in a Jar, $12.99. At www.hfsfoods.com or 800-648-2837.

Honey of a Snack

It helps to be a pretzel lover.

Still, Pretzel Crisps - the oven-baked, ultrathin pretzel-crackers - have the spreadable appeal of crackers and the dipping quality of chips. And they come in a honey-mustard and onion

flavor that turned on our tasting crew.

- M.M.
Pretzel Crisps, 6-ounce resealable bag, $2.99. From the Snack Factory. At groceries including Acme, ShopRite and Costco.