Big weekend for Sandra Bullock. She appeared, surprise!, Saturday night in L.A., at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards, to accept the "Troops Choice" Award for Entertainer of the Year from presenter Robert Downey Jr. Girl was looking mad stupid good, too, in a tight, leather minidress. Do not try this at home! Especially you men. After a well-deserved standing O, she said: "Did I win this for being entertainer of the year, or did I win this because of the spectacular IED explosion that became my personal life?" She was also to attend last night's MTV Movie Awards, to get the MTV Generation Award ("for her riveting and diverse contributions to the film industry,"), the first woman to win it.

Slumpy, dumpy box office

Movies are hurtin'. May was down 11 percent from last year, and so far, June is jaundiced. This weekend was dominated by Shrek Forever After 3D, third week in a row, but with a measly take of $25.3 million, buoyed by steep 3D prices, according to BoxOffice Mojo. And some big debuts were only OK. Like No. 2, Get Him to the Greek. Judd Apatow! Russell Brand! Jonah Hill! Yawn: $17.4 mils. Like No. 3, Killers. Krazy Katherine Heigl! Ashton "Twitterboy" Kutcher! Zzzz: $16.1 mils. No. 4: Prince of Persia, no debut, but Jake Gyllenhaal with his shirt off! Gemma Arterton wondering why! $13.9 mils. Others: (5) Sex and the City 2, unsexy at $12.65 mils; (6) Marmaduke, $11.5 mils; (7) Iron Man 2, $7.8 mils; (8) Splice, $7.5 mils; (9) Robin Hood, $5.1 mils; (10) Letters to Juliet, $3 mils.

Important 'SideShow' poll!

Not really, but . . . whom would you rather invite to dinner, Stephanie Courtney (the Progressive Insurance TV lady) or the Geico Gecko? . . .

Stars behaving empty-headedly

If you're a star, and you get in trouble, it's, like, fourple bad. This memo did not get to Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl, busted early Friday in a parking lot in Plano, Texas, with less than two ounces of pot (misdemeanor) and an unlit funny cigarette. He was bonded out of jail. Jason Wahler, once of The Hills, was booked on charges of misdemeanor battery Saturday; a woman claimed he hit her at a party. He has been charged and jailed a buncha times. Guys, give us that career - let us show you how to use it.