Stephen J. Cannell created some of my favorite television, hours of high concept action-adventure like "The Greatest American Hero" and "21 Jump Street."

Both series are up for feature adaptations, but it's his "A-Team" - an elite military squad on the run from the army's trumped-up charges - that made it to theaters first.

And that seems right.

Because the system's broken, and we need the A-Team's undisciplined (but never conflicted) heroes to set it right.

Unfortunately, this poster is all wrong.

The face shots are too tight. Bradley Cooper fares the best (he's the audience draw) but Liam Neeson's almost unrecognizable. All I see is stubble.

And why are the actors trying to look like their TV counterparts? This isn't "Star Trek"; no one cares if the black guy can pass for Mr. T.

Whatever's wrong - with the poster or the world - the A-Team can fix it. If they can't, they'll blow it up. And no one gets hurt. That's the magic of Cannell's comic-book escapism; it always draws its line in the sand, but never takes itself too seriously.

At least that's the way it was on TV. We'll see if the (movie) plan comes together.