THIS WEEK'S DVD bin holds "Shutter Island" and "From Paris with Love," and it's hard to say which has more crazy people in it.

"FPWL" is the work of action maestro Pierre Morel and features John Travolta in scenery-chewing mode as a warped CIA wet-worker who rampages through Paris on his way to disrupt an al Qaeda assassination plot.

Morel excels at physical stunts, so it was a bit of a disppointment to see him go the bazooka, blown-up-car route. Morel will give you his side of the story, though, during the director's commentary, among the bountiful special features that also include half a dozen behind-the-scenes extras.

No extras in "Shutter Island," Martin Scorsese's horror-thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a government man investigating the mysterious goings on at an insane asylum.

It's really a shame that we don't get commentary from Scorsese, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of movies classic and obscure - and brought all of it to bear on "Shutter Island." Hearing him talk about this would be at least as intriguing as watching the film.