"THE BOOK of Eli" was a borderline early 2010 hit for Warner Bros., featuring Denzel Washington in action mode as a violent pilgrim in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Though it seems strange to say, violent pilgrim in an apocalyptic wasteland is a pretty crowded genre, and "Eli" suffered a bit from being familiar - if you've seen one leather biker gang of cannibal rapists, you've seen 'em all. And "Eli" came on the heels of "The Road," which had scarier cannibals.

Still, "Eli" was a capable actioner, with a grandstanding Gary Oldman as the bad guy and sturdy direction from the long-absent Hughes brothers.

The standard DVD is $28 and has few features, but a $35 special-edition version has features about how to survive and prosper after the apocalypse and a look at the story's "mythological" roots.

Also out is "Youth in Revolt," the oddball Michael Cera comedy about a weak-willed nerd (Cera) goaded by an alter ego (also Cera) to pursue a pretty girl. Features include audition tapes from cast members.