THIS LOOKS like Stocking Stuffer week on the DVD market, and there are gifts here you won't be embarrassed to give.

Like Ben Affleck's "The Town" an enjoyable throwback cops-and-robbers movie about a heist mastermind (Affleck) trying to transcend his crime-culture roots, and falling in love with a woman (Rebecca Hall) he once held hostage. Jeremy Renner is Golden Globe-nominated as Affleck's pal.

For kids, there's the charming animated movie "Despicable Me," about a halfhearted evil genius (Steve Carell) whose heart is melted by three orphan girls ensnared in his latest diabolical enterprise. Extras include three cartoons featuring the "minions," the mini-henchmen who are the movie's comic relief. Also for older kids, and lovers of animation: director Zach Snyder's "Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'Hoole." Dark, different, intended to be seen in 3-D.

We also get "The Other Guys," another absurdist Adam McKay/Will Ferrell collaboration, this one featuring Farrell as a desk-jockey cop paired with a gung-ho partner (Mark Wahlberg). It's another homage to '80s action (this week also features "The A-Team," unfortunately), this one with biting satire and withering reassessment of macho archetypes. McKay's movies always have funny DVD extras - this time, it's "momentary" - the audio commentary is provided by the mothers of McKay, Ferrell and writer Chris Henchy. Also an explication of the movie's end credits, a lesson in Wall Street misconduct.

And don't miss "Exit Through the Gift Shop," a brilliant documentary by street artist Banksy, who turns the tables on his purported documentarian and ends up making a profound and funny movie about the contemporary art world.