! Oscar, are you listening? I'm not just talking about any Oscar, of course, but little statuette fella Oscar, who should have been interested to hear the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations that were announced Thursday morning. For those interested in Hollywood handicapping, the SAGs often foretell who will win an Academy Award. At the top of the SAG heap this year are the British drama

The King's Speech

and the boxing pic

The Fighter

, each of which had four nods.

Colin Firth

scored a best-actor nomination for his role in

The King's Speech


King George VI

, who battles a speech impediment. Other


nominees include

Helena Bonham Carter


Geoffrey Rush

in supporting roles. The remaining film lead-actor nominees were

Jeff Bridges

(don't go getting greedy, Jeffie, just because you finally won an Oscar last year!) for

True Grit


Robert Duvall


Get Low


The Social Network


Jesse Eisenberg

, and sometime soap opera bad dude (he excels at being villainous on

General Hospital

) actor

James Franco


127 Hours

. Ye gads! Left out is the gritty-yet-glam

Mark Wahlberg


The Fighter

fame. Missing, too, is

Leonardo DiCaprio,

who starred in



Shutter Island

. I am stumped by these omissions, yet decline to spend time unraveling them.

She-nominees are Annette Bening from The Kids Are All Right, Rabbit Hole's Nicole Kidman, Winter's Bone's Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman for The Black Swan, and Hilary Swank for Conviction. Those movies also include the best ensemble nominees. Catching breath, catching breath. . . . Then there are the TV SAG nominees, which, of course, as all the TV-watching world could have guessed, are dominated by Modern Family and Glee. Also tapped for possible honors - 30 Rock and Hot in Cleveland, along with Hot's hot senior sage and star, Betty White. Yeah, yeah, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, The Closer, Dexter, and The Good Wife also were nominated for best drama, with their stars and celebs from other shows (Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie, Michael C. Hall, Glenn Close, Mariska Hargitay, etc., etc.) nominated for various lead and supporting awards. How can the sparkling Steve Buscemi not win for his role in Boardwalk Empire, will you tell me that? SAG trivia: Did you know Julianna Margulies of The Good Wife is SAG's winningest winner with seven wins, if we are to believe TV Guide - and why wouldn't we? She's in the hunt again for drama queen.

Talk therapy


David Arquette

can't stop talking about his breakup with estranged wife

Courteney Cox.

He went on

Howard Stern

's Sirius XM radio show Wednesday - for the third time - to talk about his uncoupling. "I've been drinking a lot," he said. "But I don't want to go into all that, because it's really a personal, traumatic thing." Then, he went on to talk about the personal, traumatic fact that his Dr. Head thinks he's having a "nervous breakdown."

Nibbles and bits

Nick Cannon, 30, announced on his radio show Thursday that he and his good wife, Mariah Carey, 40, are going to have not one little sapling, but twins! Two little Marianicks! . . . Prosecutors in Connecticut (how great is it for gossipteers when an item starts that way?) say actor Rip Torn, 79, who like so many other lawbreaking celebrities takes a lousy mug shot, pleaded guilty this week "to charges stemming from allegations he broke into a Connecticut bank while drunk and armed," the Associated Press reports. . . . Here's hoping for a healthy holiday for Aretha Franklin. Doctors at a Detroit hospital this week discharged Franklin, 68, after she underwent surgery deemed successful for her reported fight with pancreatic cancer.