What's the connection between animated animal skeletons and professional wrestling?

Your weekend, courtesy of Awesome Fest, a film-screening series at the Piazza at Schmidts that opens today.

The fest starts with a weeklong art show at the Toothless Cat by Dutch artist Christiaan Zwanikken, who creates moving sculptures using skeletal and taxidermied animals. (If you still have an appetite after seeing the art, hit up the free pig roast outside the gallery.)

Zwanikken and director Jarred Alterman will stick around until Sunday to attend a screening of their film "Convento," which follows Zwanikken and his family as they travel to remote Portugal to set up an artists' colony in a 400-year-old monastery.

Tomorrow, pull out your favorite Lycra onesie for the wrestling doc "Fake It So Real." Director Robert Greene followed a pro-wrestling league in rural South Carolina, and some of the featured wrestlers will be on hand to answer questions post-screening.

All at Piazza at Schmidts, 1050 N. Hancock St.:

Christiaan Zwanikken exhibition, Jinxed/The Toothless Cat, , today through Aug. 5, 7 o'clock opening tonight, free, 267-319-1782.

"Fake It So Real," 8 p.m. tomorrow, free, theawesomefest.com.

"Convento," 9 p.m. Sunday, theawesomefest.com.

- Molly Eichel