SUNDAY IS New Year's Day, so we asked advice columnists Steve and Mia to offer resolutions to improve readers' romantic prospects in 2012.

Steve: Avoid romance with anyone who has more problems than you do.

Mia: Date outside your comfort zone. If you're doing the same thing with the same kind of people and it's not working, try a different social or ethnic circle.

Steve: Never date a co-worker. If things go bad - and they usually do - you mess up your social life and your work life, too.

Mia: Get online! An online profile is your private billboard, blaring your availability 24 hours a day. Internet dating works even while you're asleep.

Steve: Never write, record, photograph or video anything that you wouldn't want the entire world to read, see or hear.

Mia: Get a social life. Log onto and find like-minded people doing fun things. There's a Buppies in Philly group, a Mount Airy Lesbian Social Club for women over 35, a Cheltenham Camera Club and lots of groups devoted to fitness. Find a group that suits you.

Steve: Don't dwell on a breakup. Men (and women) are like commuter trains. Another one will arrive in 20 minutes.

Mia: Stop being so dang needy. Therapy can teach you to loosen your grip on a partner, and it's easier on your psyche than getting dumped.

Steve: Always remember that the best sex starts with talking, not touching. Never be afraid to tell your partner what you like and don't like.

Mia: If you're single, use the social network to search for lost loves. Your high school prom date might be divorced, or else maybe that cute guy from college is widowed and lonely. Offer your condolences and see what happens.

Steve: If you're married, accept that the grass really is greener on the other side. And that lurking within it is an Australian Death Adder.

Mia: Whiten your teeth and buy some stylish clothes. Everyone can raise his game in the looks department. Do at least one thing to make yourself more attractive.

Steve: Guys, no woman on the planet wants a photo of your junk.

Mia: Gals, no man wants to hear you go on and on about your kids. Same thing about your exes.