Marcelle describes himself as an excellent builder and spends many hours happily creating objects with Legos. The 10-year-old also enjoys playing video games, remote-control car driving, and reading the Hardy Boys books. Marcelle currently cares for a dog and loves doing it. Although he appears a little reserved when meeting new people, he soon warms up, especially when the conversation involves video games.

Enrolled in fifth grade, Marcelle receives special-education services and benefits from the small class size and individual attention. He does best with positive reinforcement from his teachers. Marcelle is very intelligent and works hard to complete his school work. Math is his favorite subject. He is learning to express his feelings in more effective ways.

Marcelle would thrive with a patient, loving, committed family that has an abundance of energy and can provide a structured environment for him. He would do well with older children in the family who could serve as role models. It would be great if there is a dog in the home. Marcelle is close to his sister and maternal grandmother, and the contacts should be maintained. He is eligible for financial subsidy.