Date set for final 'Colbert Report' . . . and then . . . ?

We knew he was leaving - and now we know when. Stephen Colbert will do his last Colbert Report on Comedy Central on Dec. 18. He announced it on Thursday night's Report. Now he'll wait for David Letterman to tell CBS exactly when he will vacate his long-held post as host of Late Show, so Colbert can take over. That date remains to be announced.

Court cases of the rich and famous, Part MCMXXIII

Remember "Blurred Lines," that 2013 hit written by Pharrell Williams and sung by Robin Thicke with help from T.I.? If you thought the music sounded a lot like Marvin Gaye's 1977 smash "Give It Up," well, Gaye's family thought so, too. They said Thicke stole. Thicke and Williams preemptively sued them. Now a judge says, hey, the two songs are pretty similar. Instead of a summary judgment (as Pharrell and Robin wanted), let's go to a full-fledged trial in February! It could be the biggest such action ever.   . . . And there's a dust-up over the $2 million insurance check that deceased DJ Casey Kasem left behind. Wife Jean says she should get it; three of his children (those by his first wife, Linda Myers) say she tried to kill him, so they should get it. MetLife, the payer, says, "We dunno," and wants a judge to figure it out.