After the New York Times listed Philadelphia as the number three place to visit, citing the city's architecture and waterfront, David Silver, one of the leaders of an outfit called RECPhilly, felt one thing was missing: music.

RECPhilly aims to bridge the gaps among small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists in the Philadelphia music industry to provide platforms for the city's vibrant talent.

After bringing a much-noted, all-Philly showcase to Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest festival, RECPhilly has launched an initiative titled 30 For 30.

It's an arts/entertainment event in the city, one for every day in April. Every single day. No lazy Sundays. A jazz showcase at Time Restaurant on April 6. Drinks and Tunes at City Tap House on April 10. An Earth Day Music Showcase at Greens Grow on April 22. King's Comedy Show at A Poet's Gallery on April 24. And something on every other April day.

What responses has Silver gotten so far?

"They laugh," said Silver. "They think we don't care about our personal health." But he says, "Our goal is to break down the walls."

After artists make it in Philly, Silver says, they don't necessarily stay here. They move on to conquer flashier and bigger beasts, like New York or Los Angeles.

"We're not looking to save the city," says Silver. "The city is not dead and the music scene is not dead. We're creating a structure that isn't there."

RECPhilly kicked off the month-long series on the night of April 1, with Meet Philly, an event at Venturef0rth on N. Eighth Street, in collaboration with SavePhilly, at which creatives mingled, networked - and a few of them performed.

Throughout the month there will be dance classes taught by Philly choreographers, jazz and comedy shows, concerts, and art gallery showcases. The full schedule is at

RECPhilly's 30 For 30 both increases visibility for artists and venues and also promotes its own. Silver says, "We're looking for the city support and to get the support they need to know about us."

The city that birthed and housed jazz legends and pioneered everything from doo-wop to disco will continue to innovate. "Bigger musicians will want to come here and stop skipping us on their tours," said Silver. "There's a way to stay here and do it here."

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