It's time for the hatin' to end, says Eve (Eve Jihan Jeffers).

The Philly-born Martin Luther King High School alum says she continues to be shocked by the hatred directed at her for dating a white man.

Eve, 34, began seeing British gazillionaire entrepreneur and racing driver Maximillion Cooper three years ago. They divide their time between London and New York.

"It was shocking. I got heat," Eve tells Katie Couric on an episode of her syndicated talk show Katie which aired Wednesday.

"I'm this black girl who comes from hip-hop, and I'm dating a white man. I got so many hateful tweets from people and I don't understand hate." Adds Eve, "I mean, we're Americans. We live in America. Get over it."

Watch it, here.

Ellen: To host or not to host . . .

. . . that is the Oscar question.

So Ellen DeGeneres asked herself when offered the chance to host the Academy Awards in March.

"The last time I hosted was in 2007, and it was so fun. It was an honor," she said on her show Tuesday. "But it is a big decision." So she went through a few pros and cons. "I get to perform in front of 60 million people," she said. "Oh my God, 60 million people watch that thing." She said yes.

Tidbits 'n' pieces

Mock it all you will, but Miley Cyrus' sexualized "Wrecking Ball" vid "dominated the Vevo Internet streaming service, racking up 19.3 million views in 24 hours and setting a record for most views," reports the Los Angeles Times. . . . Set your alarms now, Elisabeth Hasselbeck fans: The former The View cohost will begin her tenure as cohost of Fox News Channel's morning show, Fox & Friends, Monday at 6 a.m. sharp. . . . Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who was treated in rehab for addiction to pain meds, is now a paid spokesman for Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc., which makes Suboxone, a medication used to treat opiate addiction. He says he's living one day at a time, trying to be "the best person I can be for those 24 hours."

Sharon & Jay's fling

We've never had one, a "flingy-wingy," but apparently Sharon Osbourne, 60, and Jay Leno, 63, are old hats at it.

Sharon revealed on the "Big Secret" segment of gabfest The Talk that 35 years ago she and Leno had a romantic thing, a moment, a "flingy-wingy," as she called it. "It's not like it's a dirty little secret," she said. "When I was 25, I just moved to America. . . . I didn't know many people." She and Ozzy were only friends at the time.

Sharon hooked up with Jay after seeing his comedy act. He called her. Told her he liked her voice. "The fling was more fling for me and not fling enough for him," she said. Thus the term flingy-wingy.

Russell Brand's attack

It took a week for this little tidbit to cross the pond: Russell Brand was barred from attending GQ UK's Men of the Year Awards after-party for dissing designer Hugo Boss, who died in 1948. "Any of you who know a little bit about history and fashion will know that Hugo Boss made the uniforms for the Nazis," he told the awards crowd at London's Royal Opera House.