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Tina Fey talks hunger, Trump and why Clinton lost at Hollywood women's power breakfast

Also in Tattle: Kim Kardashian, Harold Prince, Ashley Graham

UPPER DARBY'S Tina Fey spoke at The Hollywood

Reporter's 2016 Women in Entertainment breakfast Wednesday morning, and of course she was funny - and pointed.

Fortunately, The Hollywood Reporter took notes.

"We're all a little less thirsty than we used to be," Fey said of close friends (and former Saturday Night Live colleagues) Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Emily Spivey and Paula Pell. "We love to work and to do good work, but we don't need approval in the same way. We're adults now, and I think we're really starting to ask ourselves, 'What's next for me? What is my role in this business going to be once nobody wants to grab me by the p---- anymore?'

"I know these women, and what I think we will see will be some producing, some directing and mentoring of young talent and maybe, if we're lucky, a really successful Golden Girls reboot with all of us."

Wearing two hats as both a successful TV creator and a mom, Fey said she can get top TV executives on the phone, "but can I get my 5-year-old to answer me when Teen Titans Go! is on? No, I cannot.

"You spend a good portion of your day just fantasizing, 'I can't wait to get back and get home with the kids.' And then you finally get home and just start yelling at everybody."

Fey said that real power in Hollywood came with the ability to say "No."

"Whether it's writing a pilot for a bad actor or the butter scene in Last Tango in Paris or telling Roger Ailes to put his hamburger meat back in the freezer, feeling like you can say 'no' without any negative repercussions is an important kind of power," she said. "And it's one that we can help each other have - by believing and supporting each other."

Regarding the upcoming Trump presidency, Fey told the audience of powerful Hollywood women that she didn't want to talk about the election.

"When I get written up on Breitbart, I want it to be because they're mad that I'm making an all-female Hitler biopic."

As for not talking about the election, she couldn't help herself: "I think the real reason Hillary lost, that people are afraid to talk about, is not enough celebrity music videos urging people to vote. I hate to be that person, but I just think ... one more funny rap or a Hamilton parody, a little more hustle from Liz Banks and we could have tipped Michigan."

For a touch of testosterone, the crowd got Jon Hamm introducing Fey.

"Of course, we're not here just to celebrate Tina," Hamm said. "We're also here to celebrate an industry where someone as brilliant and beautiful as Tina Fey can end up on casting lists to play my mother."

Are Kim, Kanye not 'K?

* InTouch Weekly reports that Kim Kardashian is talking to Laura Wasser, the same divorce lawyer who engineered her split from Kris Humphries, leading to speculation that the reality TV celebrity has had enough of the mercurial Kanye.

"Kim is miserable and wants this marriage to be over," an unnamed source told the magazine. "Kanye has absolutely no clue that any of this is happening, but Kim has already asked to have divorce documents drawn up."

Good luck breaking up that corporation.


* A musical celebrating the most decorated Tony Award-winner in history will make its Broadway debut next summer.

The Manhattan Theatre Club said Wednesday that "Prince of Broadway," which celebrates the work of director-producer (and Penn alum) Harold Prince, will play the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre next summer.

The show features snippets from many of the shows that have earned Prince a record 21 Tonys, including Cabaret, Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Kiss of the Spider Woman and Sweeney Todd.

The show will be directed by Prince,

co-directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman and will feature a book by David Thompson and new music by Jason Robert Brown.

* There was a lot of anger when a number of high-profile fashion designers said they didn't want to dress Melania Trump.

But according to, when plus-size model Ashley Graham landed the cover of British Vogue's January issue, a lot of designers didn't want to dress her either.

As the shoot was put together quickly, a number of houses didn't have clothes on hand to fit a model who wasn't a toothpick.

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