It Follows. Masterfully creepy, beautifully turned variation on the teen horror formula, with Maika Monroe as an unfortunate coed followed by a shape-shifting entity bent on evil. Her friends don't know what to do - is she having a breakdown, or is this thing for real? It appears to be the latter. R

Merchants of Doubt. Robert Kenner's smartly packaged documentary about climate change deniers and the coordinated efforts - modeled on the tobacco industry's decades-long public-relation campaigns - to challenge science with pseudoscience and earnest concern with discord. PG-13

Queen and Country. John Boorman's buoyant, autobiographical coming-of-age story picks up a decade after the events of his Oscar-nominated Hope and Glory. The young boy of the London Blitz is now a young man (Callum Turner), drafted into the Army and sent to training camp, expecting to be shipped off to the Korean War. A thwarted romance and regimental hijinks ensue. No MPAA rating